The Strategic Plan

For nearly a century, the University of New Haven has equipped students with the practical skills and critical knowledge necessary for success in an array of professional pursuits. In turn, our graduates have become the business executives, engineers, scientists, teachers, and public officials leading and supporting our communities.

Vision for 2020, and beyond

As knowledge expands and these pursuits become more complex, a university’s approach to education must correspondingly change. Today’s technologically sophisticated students learn differently and require refashioned forms of teaching. They collaborate, find, and share knowledge instantly, and fully immerse themselves in the educational process. They think globally and don’t recognize academic silos. They increasingly aim to apply what they learn to their chosen careers, even before graduating, by engaging in internships and research projects. Universities must facilitate this discovery-based learning and prepare for success in today’s rapidly changing economic and technological landscape.

Our vision is to become one of the Northeast’s premier comprehensive universities offering a technologically advanced, experience-based, outcomes-focused education, one that produces graduates who will use their knowledge and skills to strengthen communities throughout our region, our nation, and our world.

    A dynamic strategic plan that poises the University at the forefront of preparing students for a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world.

    Optimal Enrollment

    Objective: To establish targets for achieving optimal enrollment; to work collaboratively with academic affairs, student affairs, and various administrative units to identify and implement goals, strategies, and processes integral to the mission of the University.

    High-Impact Practices (HIPs)

    Objective: To increase student participation in defined high-impact practices.

    Graduate School Readiness

    Objective: To increase student readiness for graduate and professional degree programs.

    Graduate School Visibility

    Objective: To develop an overarching marketing plan for graduate programs that strengthens the University’s reputation by promoting and providing measurable visibility to all of the University’s graduate degrees and certificate programs.


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