Dear Members of the University Community,

I am pleased to announce that, following a comprehensive process incorporating the valuable feedback of many stakeholders, we have finalized the University’s newest strategic plan. This five-year plan outlines five outstanding success possibilities (OSPs) designed to build upon our rich history that, when accomplished, will represent a true measure of exemplary achievement.

This bold and forward-thinking plan will position us to pursue and invest in new opportunities, anticipate and prepare for marketplace changes, and fortify our standing as a destination university for high-achieving students. As part of this initiative, committees from across the University are developing benchmarks, deliverables, and action items that promise to have a far-reaching impact on the future of the University and the educational experience of our students.

I encourage you to visit to review the plan and to see how each member of our community can support this important work. We will share regular updates on our progress toward reaching our outstanding success possibilities.

I believe that one of the most distinctive qualities of our strategic plan is the focus it puts on understanding that the employers who will hire our graduates are among the most influential evaluators of our success as a university. To this end, we are placing a premium on enhancing pathways to career readiness and creating new talent pipelines and employer/organization engagement opportunities. We will continue to transform how we educate our students, focusing on building skills and competencies, gaining real-world experiences, and preparing our students to excel in the careers of the future.

I would like to thank Brian Kench, chair of the Strategic Planning Committee, and Ophelie Rowe-Allen, vice chair, for their leadership as well as each of the nearly 30 members of the committee for their passionate service.

I strongly believe this plan will enable us to thrive as we continue to respond to the ever-evolving needs of our students and the challenges of the higher education landscape. I encourage everyone to contribute their time and talents to helping to execute this plan and ensure its success. This promises to be an invigorating, stimulating, and transformational experience for us all.

With best wishes,

Steven H. Kaplan, Ph.D.