Charger Scorecard

The University by the Numbers

The Charger Scorecard is the Strategic Plan Implementation heartbeat, where you will see the university’s progress toward the specific target areas that we have discussed during our meetings and emails of the past year. As it makes clear, we are making progress on key initiatives designed to grow enrollment, improve the preparation of our students for graduate programs, grow our new dual degree programs, increase the use of High Impact Practices in all our programs, and increase the visibility and size of our excellent graduate programs. The Charger Scorecard holds us accountable to our publicly expressed values and priorities.


  • All years listed are academic year ending in that number.
  • Data is best viewed on a desktop or tablet and may be difficult to read on a mobile device.

First-Year Retention

The first-year retention rate refers to the number of first-year students who return for their sophomore year at the same institution. This is an important number because it tells the community of enrolled students and prospective students if students thought highly enough of their experience to return a 2nd year. The 2020 rate is updated as of 9/10/2020 and is not official.

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Graduation Rate

Graduation rates are the calculated percentages of students who graduate or complete their program within a specified timeframe. The six-year graduation rate indicates how many students finish their degrees on time once the student enrolls. Students included in graduation rates do not represent all the students at the University of New Haven (such as graduate, part-time, and transfer students). The 2020 rate is updated as of 10/08/2020.

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Employment Rate

This number represents the percent of undergraduates employed or in graudate school after 1 year from graduation.

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Student Satisfaction

The National Survey of Student Engagement is a survey mechanism used to represent collegiate quality related to the time and effort students put into their studies and what they gain from their time in college. This score is the percent of students who would choose the University of New Haven again, “If you could start over again, would you go to the same institution you are now attending?
1 Definitely no
2 Probably no
3 Probably yes
4 Definitely yes

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Average SAT

SAT scores prior to AY2019 are converted using the College Board’s conversion tables.

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Reptuation Score

The reputation score in the US News and World Report Ranking of Colleges and Universities is the reputation of the University of New Haven based on a peer assessment survey. US News Ranking data are reported under the corresponding year, but the scores and rankings are actually released one academic year later. Hence, the peer score reported under 2020 reflects the score from the 2021 rankings data.

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Graduate Credit Hours

The 2020 number is as of 10/08/2020.

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