Charting a Bold Path Forward

For more than a century, the University of New Haven has prepared students with the practical skills and critical knowledge necessary for success in an array of scholarly and professional pursuits. In turn, our graduates have become the business executives, engineers, scientists, health professionals, and public servants leading and supporting our communities.

Planning for the Future

We will come together as a University community, on the heels of our centennial year, to think creatively about what our next century of success at the University of New Haven might look like. Given the dynamic and challenging times that higher education is currently facing, we must also focus on the short-term objectives and goals that will lay the foundation for our continued long-term success. This comprehensive and immersive strategic planning process will engage all University stakeholders in a wide-ranging conversation about our strengths, opportunities, aspirations, and desired results. We want our next strategic plan to be forward-thinking and visionary as well as reflective of our culture.

Our Charge

The Strategic Planning Steering Committee has been charged by President Kaplan with consulting widely and creating an inclusive process with students, faculty, staff, the Board of Governors, alumni, parents, community partners and other key stakeholders to develop the vision and direction of the next strategic plan for the University of New Haven. The committee is further charged with formulating a draft of the University’s next strategic plan.

The plan should anticipate the overall strategic direction of the University for the next five years as well as specific objectives and initiatives.  A draft of the plan should be completed by Summer 2021 to be shared with University constituencies.

Our Goal

Create a dynamic, compelling and inclusive strategic plan that positions the University and all of our stakeholders to excel in a challenging and unpredictable time for higher education.

Visioning Survey Preliminary Results

Members of our campus community and key University stakeholders were asked to respond to a Visioning Survey about the future of the University. More than 800 individuals responded to that survey over 12 days and spent an average of 55 minutes writing their responses.

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News & Updates

Strategic Plan Update, January 2024

Dear Colleagues,  I hope the start of the spring semester is going smoothly. I am writing to share some important updates on progress made toward the Outstanding Success Possibilities (OSPs) outlined in our Strategic Plan.  Significantly increased...

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Strategic Plan Update, October 2023

Dear Colleagues, I am writing to provide an update on some important initiatives and ongoing work taking place across the University related to our strategic plan. Strategic Planning Retreat – Over the summer, the Strategic Planning Committee came...

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Strategic Plan Spring Update

Dear Colleagues, I am writing to share an update on the last several months of work fulfilling the sub-deliverable objectives being pursued to achieve the five Outstanding Success Possibilities outlined in our Strategic Plan. We have made...

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