Dear Members of the University Community,

We want to take this opportunity to share with you an update on our ongoing work to develop the University’s next Strategic Plan.

As you will recall, members of our campus community and key University stakeholders were asked to respond to a Visioning Survey about the future of the University. More than 800 individuals responded to that survey over 12 days and spent an average of 55 minutes writing their responses. Approximately 42 percent of the respondents were current students and 58 percent were female.

When asked what they viewed as most important to our sustained institutional success, nearly half of the respondents (47.5 percent) stated that ensuring high-quality student outcomes should be our top priority. The second most important priority – identified by 20 percent of respondents – was the University’s reputation. Tied for third most important at 10.5 percent each were our financial performance and our commitment to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion.

More detailed summaries of information shared through the survey can be found on the Strategic Planning website.

In analyzing the results of the survey and the rich and very thoughtful qualitative information that was shared, many common themes for strategic priorities have emerged. Specifically, five thematic areas have been identified from the responses for further exploration in community open forums that will take place throughout the next month. The themes are listed below:

  • Create Innovative Learning Experiences
  • Provide a Transformative Campus Environment
  • Make a Societal Impact
  • Develop a Strong Regional and National Reputation
  • Revolutionize the University’s Operations

The Steering Committee will be inviting faculty, staff, and students to participate in various open forums to dive deeper into these topics and to begin to formulate specific strategies, initiatives, and goals that will help us enrich these focus areas and further strengthen the University now and for the future.

Thank you for all the time and effort you have already given and will continue to commit to this important process. Your participation is vital to our ongoing success.


Summer McGee, Ph.D. CPH
Dean, School of Health Sciences
Strategic Planning Steering Committee Chair

Ophelie Rowe-Allen, Ed.D.
Dean of Students
Strategic Planning Steering Committee Vice Chair